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DIY PM2.5 Meter

PM2.5 meter

PM2.5 meter

Monitor Air Pollution especially small particles. There are heavly small particles pollution in china and the consentration of small particles will exceed 1000ug/m3 when serious pollution.

GP2Y1010AU0F is a dust sensor by optical sensing system. An infrared emitting diode (IRED) and an phototran-sistor are diagonally arranged into this device. It detects the reflected light of dust in air. Especially, it is effective to detect very fine particle like the cigarette smoke. In addition it can distinguish smoke from house dust by pulse pattern of output voltage.

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MQTT (MQTT Telemetry Transport)协议介绍

MQTT协议,是应用于物联网(IOT Internet of Things) 的一种连接协议 . 为了优化应用场景,这个协议被设计成一种轻量级的基于PUB/SUB模式的传输层,从而以较小的代码量和带宽消耗. 例如将传感器数据通过卫星链路连接到大洋彼岸的康复中心. MQTT在功率消耗,数据报文大小等领域很有优势,因此在家庭自动化和微型设备,手机应用上都有广泛应用.



Mosquitto 是比较流行的MQTT开源Broker.