Nvidia Deep Learning Courses

The focus of Deep Learning is currently on specific perceptual tasks, and there are many successes.

Course Schedule

All classes start at 9am PT and will be recorded for later viewing.

7/22 Class #1 – Introduction to Deep Learning (30 mins + Q&A) – Recording, Slides, Hands-on lab
7/29 Office Hours for Class #1 (1 hour of Q&A)Recording, Slides, Q&A log
8/5 Class #2 – Getting Started with DIGITS interactive training system for image classification (30 mins + Q&A)Recording, SlidesHands-on lab
8/12 Office Hours for Class #2 (1 hour of Q&A)
8/19 Class #3 – Getting Started with the Caffe Framework
8/26 Office Hours for Class #3
9/2 Class #4 – Getting Started with the Theano Framework
9/9 Office Hours for Class #4
9/16 Class #5 – Getting Started with the Torch Framework
9/23 Office Hours for Class #5

Please send your questions to dl-course@nvidia.com before the Office Hours sessions, so the instructors can prepare helpful answers. You might even get a faster response!

The hands-on lab exercises for each class will be available at nvidia.qwiklab.com for free during the course.

More Deep Learning Courses

  • Andrew Ng’s Coursera course provides a good introduction to deep learning (Coursera, YouTube)
  • Yann LeCun’s NYU Course on Deep Learning, Spring 2014 (TechTalks)
  • Geoffrey Hinton’s “Neural Networks for Machine Learning” course from Oct 2012 (Coursera)
  • Rob Fergus’s “Deep Learning for Computer Vision” tutorial from NIPS 2013 (slides, video)
  • Caltech’s introductory deep learning course taught by Yasser Abu-Mostafa (YouTube)
  • Stanford CS224d: Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing (video, slides, tutorials)

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